Billy’s inside story of what it is really like to go through the Pub & Bar Careers programme…

Pub and Bar Careers

“I thought that working in a pub would just be a lot of carrying and serving food…”

…the famous words of Billy, a previously unemployed candidate who jumped onto the Perceptions Programme. Billy was one of the first candidates to change his mind about the career opportunities available both in a pub and in the hospitality sector.

Billy walked into Euston’s drop-in centre looking for work experience that would enhance his CV and increase his chance of finding an all important job. He walked out of the centre with an offer of a pre-employment programme and a two-week work experience placement with Yummy Pubs at The Somers Town Coffee House in Euston.

You might be thinking… who needs a pre-employment programme and two whole weeks to learn how to carry and serve food?

Well, the programme offers more than just lessons in food serving and pint-pulling. In fact, the programme ensures that upon completion of all the pre-employment modules the candidate is job-ready for an entry level role or apprenticeship. The modules include training in age verification; drugs awareness; customer service; Food Safety – Level 2; Health and Safety – Level 2 and many more.

That might sound an awful lot like an extra 60 hours of school that you never wanted…

Billy, who is now in full-time employment at the Somers Town Coffee House said: “I carried out my work placement at Somers Town Coffee House and it is probably the best thing that I have ever done. Unlike school, everything that I learnt in the 60 hours was relevant to my two-week work placement and the tasks that I would have to undertake.”

Billy continued to explain how the supportive structure of the programme helped him take hold of his career and future: “I was mentored by Jess, who is general manager of the first floor concept, Ssshh…Supper Club. Jess was, and continues to be, very supportive answering any questions I have and helping me grow in my role and to succeed within the business.

“The people that I work with have become like a family to me, we have a laugh and we enjoy what we do. I would recommend hardworking and enthusiastic people to get involved with the programme – you could be in for a surprise, you could end up enjoying your career too.”

Billy went from thinking that pubs and bars were all about serving food, to wanting to one day own his own bar. If Billy’s success story has inspired you to get involved with the programme and change your perception of the industry, visit the contact page, and email us your details.

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