Hospitality Sector Supports Young People

The hospitality sector is working hard to support young people and get them into full time employment.

The sector is one that needs people that are able to interact socially and serve the needs of customers. However, recent figures released by the BBC, following a Freedom of Information request, has caused concern that the next generation of hospitality staff could be at risk of not having the social skills needed.

The BBC revealed that local authorities have cut youth service spending by 36% over the past two years. The cut has hit facilities including youth clubs, out-of-school activities, education and support programmes.

These services and facilities provide young people with the invaluable opportunity to develop their social awareness skills by coming into contact with a diverse range of people and environments. Youth clubs provide a range of activities including advisory groups, band rehearsals, sport groups and homework help. These extra curricular activities enable young people to gain shared experiences, which wouldn’t be attainable in the controlled school environment.

Cutting valuable funding to this development and support network is not only detrimental to the individual young people who rely on them but also to the industries that  rely on the energy and ability of young people.

The hospitality sector is looking to recruit over 100,000 people by 2018 and needs young, motivated, socially aware and engaging individuals who can excel in busy environments.

The Perceptions Group believe that the cuts being made by local authorities are leaving the hospitality sector to fill the void in the social skills of young workers. The Pub & Bar Careers programme is just one example of an industry initiative, which aims to engage and educate young people to enable them to start on their journey to a prosperous career.

Fiona Black, chief executive of the National Youth Agency – the national body for youth work, said in the BBC report: “The cuts will lead to problems in the long term.”

The Pub & Bar Careers team hope that these cuts do not have a long-term effect and young people take advantage of the opportunities out there – like the Careers programme.

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