Professional classes show interest in careers in the pub sector

Hall & Woodhouse, the Dorset-based family brewery, has revealed a rise in interest from professionals and academics looking for a career change into the pub sector. The results from the Business Partnership Survey highlighted the growing trend for the pub trade.

An academic from the social studies sector, an array of teachers, electrical and mechanical engineers and economists have all left their careers to run pubs as Hall & Woodhouse tenants.

“The skills gained from higher education are transferable to running their own ‘pub business’ and we hope that more and more people with academic backgrounds will turn to Hall & Woodhouse to embark on new careers in the future,” said Matt Kearsey, business partnerships director at Hall & Woodhouse.

Other new tenants include a psychiatric nurse, a military mechanic and a Zoology graduate this proves that the pub sector has something to offer everyone.


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