Career Development at Spirit Pub Company with CPL Online

Training Tree CPL Online has developed a bespoke e-learning career development programme for Spirit Pub Company, inspired by the award-winning Training Tree. Spirit staff can access their appraisals, e-Learning courses, development plans and more through the new look Training Tree. The vast amount of information available to all members of staff enables them to complete mandatory training and clearly manage their own career progression. A combination of e-learning, films, games and task-based branches provides the right environment for staff to fulfill their potential in progressing from branch to branch. Mark Peters, head of learning and development at Spirit Pub Company said: “A business is little without its people and we are committed to employing a team that want to stay with us, develop professionally and pursue their ambitions with us. This new console based learning will ultimately help us achieve that.” David Dasher, CPL Online managing director, who has worked closely with the Spirit team throughout the eight month development programme, said: “It’s always great to be presented with a fresh challenge that means a new way of working for our own internal team. Spirit wanted to take the e-Learning concept a stage further and apply that to their internal career pathway development programme and it’s worked incredibly well! “Individuals are able to pursue their ambitions online and demonstrate their abilities and willingness to learn through this bespoke console. This has been a major programme and a first for us – it’s great to see it in now in place, ready to launch and rolled out to over 13,000 of Spirit’s staff across the UK.” Over thirty bespoke online training modules have also been created for Spirit that aids employees in their induction to the pub company. To find out more about the Spirit Pub Company Training Tree please visit: or CLP Training: Spirit Landing Page[1]

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