Holly Young: PR and Marketing Executive at Rock and Rose


Nestled on the busy tree-lined Kew Road, you couldn’t miss the opulent beauty of Rock and Rose restaurant, which offers a cocktail bar and dining experience like none other in Richmond.

Combining an extensive range of cocktails and delicious food (just check out their stunning instagram photos if you want a taster!), in surroundings of decadent décor, Rock and Rose has firmly established itself as a local institution, following the lead of its sister restaurants Annie’s in Chiswick and Barnes.

Rock and Rose has won rave reviews in local and national press and the woman masterminding its public image and reputation is Holly Young, PR and Marketing Executive for the two Annie’s restaurants and Rock and Rose.

“My role requires a lot of forward thinking. Restaurants rely solely on custom and it’s my job to create interesting and eye catching advertising that will promote the business to attract new customers and retain the regulars,” she says.

“There is never a dull moment and there is constant opportunity to do more.”

Having studied graphic design at University, Holly started as a waitress at Rock and Rose, enjoying the chance it gave her to interact with customers. Whilst working as a waitress she started to become involved with the PR and marketing for Rock and Rose on a voluntary basis.

“I took over the social media sites and started setting up new ones to promote the restaurant. Eventually I took full control and responsibility for the sites and my work was recognised by the owner,” she explains.

Holly continued to work on the PR and marketing for the restaurants on a part time basis before being taken on full time.

“I gained responsibility pretty quickly in the role, the opportunity was given to me and I grabbed it. Everyday is different in this industry and it offers great opportunities to learn and develop. I get to do a lot of copywriting and graphic design which I really like as I studied that during my degree,” she says.

“I would say that I use a variety of skills everyday in my role. Obviously marketing and PR, but also HR when I’m liaising with the management team and ensuring the restaurants are functioning to the best of their ability.”

Holly says that on occasion she has come across people who have dismissed the restaurant industry as a lucrative and progressive career path. “People don’t realise that there are many aspects within this sector where some one could apply their skills. Front and back of house, kitchen, bar, training, management, reception, PR, marketing, accounts etc. The list goes on, it offers great opportunities.”

“Watching my efforts translate into busier restaurants is a huge thrill,” she says, “also seeing my design work materialise into ‘real life’ pages, and posters, leaflets and newsletters is always exciting.”

Holly believes that energy; passion, determination and confidence are crucial to succeeding in the industry. “People shouldn’t be afraid about starting at the bottom because that’s where the real skill is learnt, plus you don’t stay at the bottom for long if you don’t want to, there’s plenty of opportunity to move up the ladder if you want it bad enough.”

Speaking to Holly it’s clear that she is full of the determination and passion that she says are crucial to achieving success, “There’s no limit to what I want to achieve in the industry, I want it all and I’m not going to stop until I get it!” she says.

To find out more about Rock and Rose visit www.rockandroserestaurant.com

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