ALMR Urge Local Authorities To Work With The Licensed Retail Trade

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee issued a report which states that 148,000 16-to-18-year olds in England are not in education, employment or training and that too many young people are falling “off the radar”. In response to this, the ALMR has advocated the licensed hospitality sector’s ability to offer productive career paths for youngsters and is urging training providers and local authorities to work more closely with the trade. ALMR chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “One of the things our sector prides itself on is our ability to offer dynamic and rewarding career starts for youngsters who are leaving school or college.The ALMR’s employment survey shows that around a quarter of our workforce is under 20, with pub and bar work often a first job for many young people, offering transferable skills and rewarding career paths to the highest levels. Our businesses provide accommodation, food, hospitality and much more. We are therefore urging local authorities and training providers to work more closely with licensed hospitality businesses to ensure that young people do not find themselves without opportunities and allow ourselves to develop and encourage the business leaders of tomorrow.”

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