7.6_toque_dor_30_years_logoSo much more than just a competition. Nestlé Professional® Toque d’Or® provides real life challenges that inform, test and push both students and apprentices in the most exciting ways. By linking education with industry, Toque d’Or presents a series of unique experiences which bridge the gap between the classroom and exciting reality of industry.



The competition began in 1989 and since then has evolved significantly to become one of the UK’s most prestigious catering competitions. Being part of this competition can change a student’s career, with the industry recognising that Toque d’Or competitors have demonstrated true passion and commitment.

“It is not until you are thrown into a commercial kitchen that you actually learn how to deal with it, and the relevance of all college learning becomes fully realised. This is what the competition does — it throws you in at the deep end! It’s only then that you can put all that theory into practice.”

Rosie Maguire, Grand Finalist Toque d’Or 2016 and 2017

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4 September – 30 November 2017

Registering a team of students couldn’t be easier! Lecturers should simply complete the registration form online by 30 November 2017. Remember, you can enter a maximum of two teams to represent your college and each team must be made up of 3 students.

We will be communicating all of the need to know information for the competition via email. Please make sure you tick the box on the registration form that confirms you are happy to receive these communications and ensure your students opt-in after receiving their first email.



View the student competition terms and conditions.

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January 2018

The digital entry is the first stage of competition in Toque d’Or. Once a team has been registered an information pack will be emailed to all with a breakdown of this stage.

Students will receive a themed creative brief whereby the teams will be asked to respond to a situation including:

  • The application and understanding of a theme set by Nestlé Professional
  • The development of recipes, methods and costing
  • Event/business planning
  • Submission of a video presentation of their response.

This must be completed as a team and submitted within the timeframe provided by Toque d’Or.

Submissions will be made online allowing teams to send in supporting documentation and videos via YouTube.

As soon as registration has been confirmed, teams can start working on their entry. Over the course of entry we will send the teams supporting material and stimulation to aid their entry.

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February – March 2018

Each of the 24 teams making it through to this stage will be at one of the National Heats, set in two locations across four days.

Every heat will run to exactly the same schedule, ensuring all teams are met with a level playing field when competing. On the day, teams will attend a masterclass from both front and back of house industry experts at which they will be shown a three course meal, wine and service. The challenge will then be to replicate what they have observed, each team producing ten covers as part of a lunch service to guests of Nestlé Professional. Judged against a national standard, the 5 highest scoring teams will go on to compete in the Grand Finals along with the Wild Card team.

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April 2018

The 6 teams making it through to the Grand Finals will face a series of real life experiential tasks that inform, test and challenge them in the most exciting ways.

Finalists will be introduced to a variety of disciplines, giving them insight into the opportunities the hospitality industry has to offer. Across the four days spent competing in London they will encounter surprise challenges, each contributing to one of the following scenarios.

  • Industry Day
  • Classroom Challenge
  • Fine Dining / Banqueting Experience
  • Commercial / Marketing Skills

This is the opportunity to experience life in a professional environment – interact, work with and learn from masters in the field.

Make an impact at this final stage of the competition!

Winning the prestigious Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or and being one of a select number of colleges to have achieved this distinction is an accolade in itself.

Toque d’Or awards prizes to individuals and colleges competing from the National Heats stage onwards. Both students and colleges will receive prizes from the Savoy Educational Trust Toque d’Or equipment fund as well as students receiving commemorative uniforms. Those competing in the Grand Finals might also find they are awarded with additional gifts along the way!



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