Holborn Dining Room fundraising for NHS

Calum Franklin and his sous chef at Holborn Dining Room Nokx Majozi have launched a range of savoury treats to be sold at Drings Butchers in Greenwich to raise funds for the NHS staff at Lewisham & Greenwich hospital.

The range of savoury treats to be sold include pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs and the ingredients for the range have all been supplied by local businesses free of charge – meat by Drings, dairy by The Cheeseboard and Smith and Brock, puff pastry by Paul Rhodes plus beer by Brockley Brewery.

Customers can visit the butchers to buy in store (abiding by social distancing regulations).

“The idea behind the project is to bring local businesses in the South East London area together with a common goal of supporting the staff on the front line during the Coronavirus crisis. We just want to do our part,” says Franklin, whose intricately-designed pies have helped put Holborn Dining Room on the map.

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