United Kingdom Housekeepers Association and Umbrella Training launch set of COVID-19 Secure Standards

United Kingdom Housekeepers Association (UKHA) has teamed up with Umbrella Training on a set of COVID-19 Secure Standards, designed around and exclusively for housekeeping teams across the country. 

The aim of the training programme is to give both consumers and the industry a recognised set of procedure and assurances, supporting the transition back to normal levels of occupancy.

The programme is being developed by a working party including leading names in hospitality such as The Royal Household, The Landmark Hotel, The Royal Lancaster Hotel, Dukes Hotel, The Strand Palace Hotel, PPHE Hotel Group and The Georgian House Hotel.

As part of the process other top industry experts are being consulted for their ideas and feedback on the main areas of focus:

  • Cleaning & Hygiene
  • Rooms
  • Back of House
  • Public Areas
  • Mental Health
  • Supply Chain
  • Budgeting

The standards will be launched as early as possible in June and all UKHA members will receive the final documentation, including checklists and training modules.

The standards will be continually monitored, updated and circulated as Government and medical guidance adapts and evolves.

Commenting in the UKHA blog, Lorraine Dale, chair, UKHA and head housekeeper at The Royal Household, said: “In these uncertain times, it is really important to offer a robust process for all housekeeping departments of whatever size to follow. Our members, like the rest of the sector, are keen to get back to work and help with the recovery. It is important that we can all do this in a safe and consistent manner. 

We are delighted to partner with Umbrella Training who have extensive experience of rolling out effective and meaningful training programmes across a wide range of disciplines. Their knowledge and insights are going to be invaluable when driving these standards forward.”

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