British Food Fortnight

21st September – 6th October

This week marks the start of British Food Fortnight. Every year, Love British Food culminates a year-long campaign in British Food Fortnight. Two weeks in the autumn giving commercial benefits to UK businesses that take part.

Wembley Stadium, Harrods, Westminster Abbey and Ascot Racecourse are just a handful of establishments that have added their support.

The campaign promotes the benefits of buying and eating home-produced British food. Since 2002, British Food Fortnight was set up to coincide with Harvest Festival. This is the traditional time to celebrate home-grown food. It is now the biggest national celebration of British Food and an annual, marked event.

Why buy British?

Support the economy, lower carbon footprint, high standards of manufacture…why not buy British? British food has to travel less distance than imported foods meaning it is much better for the environment. Plus, it helps support the UK economy from those working in the food process to the retailers selling the food. Also, British meat is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world.

How to get involved?

There are plenty of opportunities for consumers, retailers and producers to get involved with the fortnight. Love British Food recommends consumers to make a more conscious effort to buy, cook and eat regional food. They can also opt to dine in local pubs and restaurants. Not to mention, the opportunities to get involved with Harvest activities which occurs on three Sundays during British Food Fortnight.

For retailers, Love British Food suggests making customers more aware that the food you stock is British as well as making your participation in the campaign known. Why not create a display for British food in the shop or window in a prominent place for customers to see? Consequently, this awareness should help maximise sales. Plus, it is worth considering expanding the range of food stocked that is regional and buying products from more local sources.

In addition, there are countless ways for pubs and restaurants to promote the campaign. Have challenges for the chefs to come up with a ‘chef special’ using locally produced food. This is ideal to boost sales and let the team get inventive. September is also a crucial time to start taking Christmas bookings. Therefore, to promote local food sources, has great potential to increase bookings. Especially due to more consumer awareness about where their food is coming from. Consumers are more likely to invest in trustworthy sources.

What’s happening this year?

Over the course of the two weeks, there are hundreds of activities taking place across the UK. The campaign is the biggest showcase of food on the national calendar and this year is sponsored by the Co-op Food. The Co-op has a strong dedication to the present and future of British farming. Plus, they are the only retailer to stock 100% own-brand British meat products. Expect everything from special menus in pubs, restaurants and shops, family feasts in children centres and special events in care homes for the elderly.

Pubs, restaurants, universities, caterers, producers to name a few – there are many ways for everyone to get involved with the campaign. The fortnight is a great incentive promoting British food and encouraging customers to invest in buying British. With so many events taking place, there really is something for everyone. Find out what’s happening near you here.

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