Julie Jones is set to share her top cooking tips in new book ‘The Pastry School’

Julie Jones, winner of the 2008 Nestle Toque d’Or, judge and best-selling food writer, is set to release another book, ‘The Pastry School’ on 5 March 2020. Renowned for her decorative and flavourful bakes, she will share a range of recipes from savoury pies to sweet treats for budding bakers to practise at home.

Since winning the competition, Julie has shared her passion for cooking after setting up her own home restaurant and sharing her pastry creations with her foodie followers on Instagram.

Her eye-catching bakes began to capture the attention of many, and she began to build a large, global fanbase. This led to the release of her first debut book ‘Soulful Baker’ in 2017 and after its success, will be releasing a second, highly anticipated book this year.

The competition ignited her passion for the industry, facing contestants with exciting challenges along the way to give them valuable insight into the industry. It allowed Julie to be able to team up with the likes of Jamie Oliver and showcase her skills at an inspiring age at the Fat Duck in Bray.

When asked on her advice to future Toque d’Or contestants, Julie said: “To throw themselves in to the whole experience without doubting themselves; self-belief and passion will make them shine. Strive to do the very best that you can, always.”

Good luck to Julie on her new book. We’re off to dust off our baking tins!

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